Radiant Health in collaboration with its finance partner, Asethi Finance, will be offering the Dermatrix Duo device at a special finance rate of R6,087pm, over five years, subject to terms and conditions.

This offer is only valid until 31 Oct 2019

Dermatrix Duo product information

Dermatrix Duo is the latest generation of fractional RF system, which combines micro-needle and needle-free fractional RF technology for skin resurfacing, scar treatment, wrinkle reduction and skin tightening etc. The delivered RF energy can penetrate into different layers of skin via controllable depth. As a non-laser therapy, Dermatrix Duo is suitable for all skin type, even for pigmented patients.

The insulated gold-coated needle inserts deep into the skin. RF energy release and create thousands of coagulation zone, which crease thermal effects in the dermis. The microscopic thermal zones (MTZ) produce potential healing effects and the undamaged tissue between the needles will act as a “healing server” to accelerate the collagen renewal and skin tissues remodelling.

The micro-needle handle can penetrate deep into different skin layers while the needle-free handle act in relative superficial area, which produce a complete fractional resurfacing effects for a wide range of applications.

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Terms and Conditions are as follows:

  • The rate is only valid until 31 Oct 2019, and is subject to approval
  • The final approved rate is dependent on an assessment of the applicant’s financial information, and may differ from the campaign rate quoted should the applicant’s financial assessment not meet the Asethi Finance’s criteria.
  • The approval may be withdrawn at any time, at the sole discretion of Asethi Finance
  • The rate will be valid for all applications approved by no later than 31 Oct 2019.